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A-Z Print Alphabet Poster For Kids Girl Boy Cute Characters

I got a bit of a shock this week, well actually it was more of a really nice surprise. On Monday morning I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a post from The Card And Gift Network. It was advertising their latest blog post….. yes, you’ve guessed it…..the blog post was about one of my ranges; my ‘When I Grow Up…’ range for kids.

I clicked through on the link and had a good read, click here if you would like to have a read too! The post is full of lots of details about the range; the many different products available, the high quality materials used to manufacture the products and also a little bit about me too! It felt amazing for my work to be featured on such a fantastic blog. The Card And Gift Network is particularly great as their blog showcases the latest greetings cards, stationery and gifts from small creative businesses, just like mine.

My large A-Z alphabet print is central to the range and is where the ‘When I grow Up…’ idea originally began. So I thought you might like to have a look at some of the artwork for the individual letters a little bit closer up. Here are a few of my favourites.

C Is For Chef ABC Print A-Z Alphabet Print For Kids











Many of the characters from the A-Z print can also be found on birthday cards, prints, door hangers, bookmarks, stickers and birthday party stationery. There are also some new characters, including a princess, knight and two superheroes. Some characters unfortunately didn’t make it onto any other products, as I decided that there probably wasn’t many children who would want a surgeon on the front of their birthday card! But who knows, I could be wrong!

The ‘When I Grow Up…’ range is just one of many ranges, so have a browse around my website to find the rest! A new range coming soon is my ‘Party Animals’ range for kids. Why not sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date with all of these new ranges!

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