Top Five Pocket Money Treats

Flat Top Five Pocket Money Treats

We’re half way through the Easter school holidays and if your kids are anything like mine, it’s around now that the boredom starts to kick in. They’ve had enough chocolate, so what else will keep them occupied and won’t cost the earth?

Here I have chosen my five favourite little buys for kids, that always keep my two girls busy for an hour or two and stops them reaching for the X-box controllers! All the items can be purchased for under £5 so are perfect as a little treat or for the kids to spend their own pocket money on.

Number 1

It is amazing how much more exciting writing becomes when you use a fluffy pen! When my girls are on their school holidays writing is definitely not high on their list of priorities but a new fluffy pen always changes this. These are just a selection of the pens, costing £2.75 each, that they have chosen from one of our favourite shops, Paperchase.


Number_2These wooden lolly sticks are from Wilkos and cost £1 for a pack of 50. My girls can come up with so many different uses for them; drawing on them, making things with them and using them in various games. One of their favourite things to do is to write a child’s name on each stick, like their teacher does at school to choose who is going to answer a question.


Another great thing to do with the plain wooden sticks is to decorate them and make them into cute little people, like these. This activity kept my kids, and me, busy for ages!!


Number_3Other fantastic buys from Paperchase are these fun and funky badges and keyrings, all priced under £5. Kids these days have so many different bags; in our house we have school bags, gymnastics bags, rockclimbing bags, swimming bags and rucksacks for days out. A new badge or keyring can result in an extremely long decision making process to determine which bag deserves the new addition!!


Number_4Another fab little sweet treat, instead of more chocolate, are these Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. I paid £1.99 each for a 100g bag of assorted flavours and a 100g bag of fruit bowl flavours. Instead of just scoffing them all straight away my kids and I like to carry out taste tests. We put on blindfolds and see if we can guess which flavour is which. It is also great to give each jelly bean flavour a mark out of ten so we can remember which ones we like, or don’t like. Some of them do taste a bit strange!


Our most favourite flavours include Very Cherry, Tangerine, Bubblegum, Orange Sherbet and Chocolate Pudding. I won’t warn you about the flavours we don’t like……. I will let you discover these on your own!!


Number_5The last choice is a bit of a cheeky one…… it is one of my own products! My kid’s stickers have two sticker sheets in a pack, with 35 stickers on each sheet and are priced at £4. They are brilliant for decorating cards, envelopes, books and even for making up games. I was very impressed when my girls spent hours using the girl and boy character stickers to make a set of their own Top Trumps cards.

These are the two girl’s sticker sheets which include designs featuring cute girl characters, love heart phrases, vibrant stars and funky fruits.



These are the two boy’s stickers sheets which feature designs including cheeky boy characters, colourful fruits, fun phrases and yummy foods.



I really hope these ideas help you get through to the end of the school holidays without your kids moaning “I’m bored!” every few minutes and are a distraction away from the TV and computer games.

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