Top Five Mother & Daughter Activities

Flat Mother & Daughter Activities

Something different this week, a joint blog post from myself and my nine year old girls. Mother’s Day is already upon us (hopefully you have sorted your Mother’s Day cards and gifts) so we thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite things to do together.

Although twins (non-identical), my girls are like chalk and cheese; one is a girly girl who loves gymnastics and the other is a fun quirky type who loves rock climbing. So although ideally I would love to spend our Mother Daughter time all together, the three of us, quite often it doesn’t work out like that!

Number 1Our favourite Mum / climber daughter activity is colouring in. We both have the same colouring book called Dream Cities and we love to colour in the same page, in our own book, at the same time. She was particularly pleased to receive this ‘grown-up’ colouring book for her ninth birthday and promised to do her best colouring in from that day on. We enjoy comparing our choice in colours and also who went out of the lines the most. Her, not me, honestly!!


Number_2My little climber and I also love to make colourful Hama Bead designs. Her creations are always a lot more imaginative and visually pleasing than mine. I loved this heart shaped design that she made so much, that it now lives on my mantelpiece! We use many of the other designs as coasters.


Number_3Movie time is the top choice for our Mum / gymnast daughter activity time. We put our feet up, snuggle on the sofa and watch one of her favourite films. At the moment this is Barbie Spy Squad, a film about three gymnasts who turn in to secret agents, a completely perfect film for her! Do I ever tire of watching the same film again and again? No, not me! Well maybe.


Number_4My little gymnast and I also love to paint our nails and give each other mini makeovers. Glittery nail varnish is her favourite but it is just a plain bright colour for me. Any colourful nail varnish or cute little lip gloss that I may receive as a gift or treat myself to, somehow always magically appears in her make up collection!!


Number_5Luckily both my girls love baking, so that is our top Mother Daughter activity that keeps everybody happy. Brownies are our favourite cakes to bake as they are so quick and easy to make and they taste so delicious. Also in our house there is a simple rule; all cakes MUST be chocolate!! They are definitely worth the mess but unfortunately don’t last long, particularly with their Dad around!



So Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mums out there, have a fantastic day with your girls AND boys, whether they are still little or all grown up!! If you would like to hear more about what we have been up to then you can follow my blog on Bloglovin, just click on the link, top right. Or you can subscribe to my newsletter, just enter your email on the right.

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