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Flat Mother's Day Jewellery

Working from home can sometimes have its drawbacks, one example being the decreasing amount of effort given to getting ready in the morning. Time spent choosing the perfect outfit to wear and how to accessorise it can feel unnecessary for a quick trip to the post office or a five minute school run. (I do draw the line at staying in my pyjamas though….honestly!)

So one thing I really enjoy about Mother’s Day is the chance to choose some gorgeous jewellery for my Mum and Mum-in-law, as luckily they both love to accessorise!! I have put together a collection of my favourite modern and colourful pieces of jewellery, all available from fab UK makers on Folksy. If it’s too late for Mother’s Day they are all perfect gifts for Mum, anytime of the year.

This beautiful flower necklace from Nerd That Draws is an ideal Mother’s Day gift. The colours are so sumptuous and I love the illustrative nature of the flower design. The delicate shapes and the variety in shades of each colour result in simple yet highly realistic flowers.

Your Mum won’t be able to stop herself being wowed by this sunflower brooch from Hello Sunshine. It really will say a big hello and bring a lot of sunshine whenever she wears it! The hexagonal pattern of the wood contrasts beautifully with the vivid yellow of the acrylic flower.

I think the idea of these earrings from Red Paper House is really clever. Little stud earrings shaped liked diamonds but made from laser cut plywood, painted in fab colours. A spectacular pair of diamond earrings that don’t cost the earth!

You can probably guess why I love this necklace from Nobia’s Art so much. Yes, your right, it’s the amazingly vibrant rainbow colours. The balls are made from felted wool so make it a really unusual and distinctive necklace for your Mum.

I really love how the gorgeous yellow, green and orange colours of this sunflower brooch from I Am Acrylic, contrast with the perfectly white surround. The geometric shapes are simple but make the brooch so striking and effective.

Inspired by travelling in New Zealand, this geometric fan necklace from Dear George Designs will make a stunning gift for your Mum. The mahogany coloured wood works perfectly with the glowing reds, oranges and yellows of the resin.

Admiring these wonderful pieces of jewellery has made me realise that it only takes a few minutes to make the effort to pop on some jewellery. Who knows, maybe I will be lucky enough to receive one of these fab pieces, this Mother’s Day.

I’d love to know what gift you are getting for your Mum this year, whether it’s jewellery or not. So leave a comment and let me know. And if you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day card then take a look here.

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  1. Jo February 26, 2016 at 12:01 pm Permalink

    Thank you so much for featuring my Big Sunflower brooch! Such a wonderful collection of gift ideas! ☀

    • Andrea February 26, 2016 at 1:09 pm Permalink

      Thanks Jo. It’s a pleasure to spread some of your sunshine!!

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