March Meet The Maker Challenge – Part 3

Flat March Meet The Maker 3

We made it! We’re nearly finished….. here are my last posts from the #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram and Facebook photo a day challenge, Day 21 – Day 31.

Day 21 – Work Clothes.

As I work from home, the thing I wear everyday is my pair of big fluffy slippers! I think they are meant to be owls but sometimes I think they look like baby penguins. What do you think?


Day 22 – Best Seller.

This love heart personalised engagement print has definitely been the bestseller in my Etsy shop. It comes from the Sweet Heart range that also includes personalised wedding prints, anniversary prints and cards for all romantic occasions.


Day 23 – Studio Playlist.

I use Spotify to listen to music so my studio playlist can vary a lot from song to song! At the moment I like to listen to anything from Olly Murs and Lily Allen to Bruno Mars and George Ezra to A Great Big World and The Script.

Playlist flat

Day 24 – Milestone.

I am extremely happy that I recently reached TWO fab milestones; 40 sales in my Etsy shop and 10 sales in my Folksy shop.


Day 25 – Packaging.

Designing my logo stickers, address labels and please do not bend stickers was great fun. I am really pleased with them and they brighten up the boring brown envelopes perfectly, don’t you think?


Day 26 – Colour / Texture.

As you probably know, everything I design is extremely bright and colourful and I often use as many colours as I can in each new creation. I love to use flat simple shapes so that each design is bold and eye-catching. I thought this light switch, decorated by my two girls, really sums up my style!


Day 27 – Routine.

My daily routine pretty much revolves around these two. We get up at about 7:30am and once I have dropped them off at school at 8:45am I use the next six hours to get as much done as I can! As well as keeping on top of my daily social media schedule I concentrate on one main thing each day, for instance designing new cards on Tuesdays, adding items to my Etsy shop on Wednesdays and writing blog posts on Fridays. From 3:15pm most days are busy busy busy getting ready for gymnastics and climbing, practising instruments and the list goes on……

Abby & Evie flat

Day 28 – Organised.

I absolutely LOVE making lists and it is the only way I can definitely keep myself organised. And there is no better way to write lists than with a fluffy pen or two!


Day 29 – In Action.

Here I am in action on my stall at the Christmas Fayre in Carlisle, Cumbria last year. It was outside so I was pretty freezing, hence the hat!


Day 30 – Books or Blogs.

I have always been a book person but now I have my own blog I am a bit obsessed with finding and reading blogs. I have signed up to Bloglovin, where you can find new blogs and keep up to date with all the blogs you love. This is what my blog looks like on Bloglovin and it would be great if you could follow me, to see what I have been up to!

Book or blogs

Day 31 – Customers.

I am gradually building up more customers and they have all been great, many leaving some lovely feedback. But my most loyal customers of all are of course….my Sister and my Mum! Thanks to everyone….you’re all flipping great!

Customers flat

Well that brings us to the end of the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge! I hope you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I loved taking part in it. If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2 then please take a peek! Also, why don’t you have a browse around the rest of my website and see what else you can find out about Colour Their Day!

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