March Meet The Maker Challenge – Part 2

Flat March Meet The Maker 2

As promised, here are my next posts from the #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram and Facebook photo a day challenge, Day 11 – Day 20.

Day 11 – Post Run.

This is me doing a post run one windy day in Carlisle. Don’t worry though, I did treat myself to a latte at Costa afterwards to warm up a bit!


Day 12 – First Ever Sale.

Like many, I’m sure, my first sale was to a family member. My sister bought this football birthday card for my nephew, which was perfect for him as he is football mad! Whatever your child loves, there are plenty of characters to choose from in my ‘When I Grow Up’ range.


Day 13 – Feedback.

This was the first feedback I ever received after a sale from my Etsy shop. I was pretty pleased with it! The customer purchased a personalised robot family print.

Flat feedback for blog post

Day 14 – Creative Friends.

This is my hubby, here he is working some website code. If I need some creative advice this is who I go to!


Day 15 – Inspiration.

I get my inspiration mostly from everyday life, my kids and anything beautiful and vibrantly coloured. Although I do also love to browse through some of my favourite books for extra inspiration, including these Print & Pattern books from Bowie Style. They feature cute, colourful and contemporary printed surface pattern designs on textiles, cards, gift wrap, stationery, wallpaper and tableware. I’d recommend them to any of you who love colourful printed patterns and motifs.


Day 16 – Time To Relax.

When I am not designing or making I love to spend time with my kids. Here we are doing some relaxing colouring in, one of our favourite activities. In a recent blog post of mine, we share our favourite Mother and Daughter things to do together.


Day 17 – Photography.

Photography is definitely not my strong point but luckily my hubby is a great photographer. So all I have to do is search the house for fun and colourful props (mainly from the kids’ rooms), arrange the settings and then he does all the technical stuff. Easy peasy! Well for me, anyway!


Day 18 – Shelfie.

My house (and many of my shelves) are in a bit of a mess at the moment. We are still waiting for everything to get put back to normal after the floods in December. So instead of a shelfie I have decided to show you the librarian from my large ABC print, as she is stood in front of her shelves!

Librarian Flat for blog post

Day 19 – Helper.

I’ve already introduced my hubby during this challenge, as my creative friend! But I have chosen him again as my ‘Helper’. Here he is ‘helping’ hold up the Bowder Stone in Borrowdale recently, while we enjoyed a few days off work together. Normally he helps me with technical stuff; photography, my website and sometimes product production.


Day 20 – Sketchbook.

I don’t really keep a sketchbook, I normally just jot ideas down in a notepad and design them on the computer. So instead, I thought I would show you some drawings from the sketchbook of a little artist I know. She loves drawing and is pretty fab at it, as you can see!


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