Excellent Egg Decorating Ideas

Flat egg decorating ideas

We have been very busy in our house the past couple of days, decorating eggs for Easter. So I thought I would share some of the ideas we tried out. Maybe you and your family can give them a go too, this Easter.

Many of the designs were found on Pinterest and I have pinned the DIY tutorials to a pin board called Easter Ideas. Please take a look as it is full of excellent Easter activities and recipes; including Easter cakes, games, colouring, crafts, egg hunt ideas and loads of egg decorating ideas.

As soon as I spotted these Ninja and Babouchka eggs I knew I definitely needed to give them a try. If I had more time, I would love to make loads of these, with a variety of coloured ribbons and different colour combinations. To paint the eggs I used acrylic paints and these worked brilliantly, with most colours only needing a couple of coats. I used Sharpie pens to add any details to the eggs and again they worked fantastically.





I really enjoyed trying out this Bouffant Hairstyle Girl egg design, such a simple idea that is really effective. Again I would love to make a collection of these eggs, all with different hairstyles and accessories.


This colourful abstract egg design was one of my own ideas, it mainly came about to use up the excess paint that my kids squeezed out of all the paint tubes!



This confetti egg design was mainly an experiment to see how well my new Sharpie pens drew on top of the acrylic paints. I’m sure you’ll agree it looks fab!!



I hope you are now feeling really inspired and have already got some eggs on to boil!! Please remember to check out my Easter Ideas pin board and follow me on Pinterest, to see what other fabulous things I find and discover. Have a lovely Easter.

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