Cute Animal Characters For Kids – Meet The Party Animals

Cute Kids Animal Characters - Party Animals

This week I found out that I will be having a stall in the Craft Hall of the Cumberland Show in Carlisle, Cumbria on the 11th June 2016. This has inspired me to design some more cute and cheerful little animal characters to join the bunny rabbits I designed at Easter. As you can see they all have something in common…. they are all wearing glasses! The characters are going to be part of a new kid’s range called ‘Party Animals’. So let’s meet some of these cute bespectacled animals……

Claudia the Cow

No matter where she is going or what she is doing, Claudia always loves to wear a flower on her head and dress up in her favourite jewellery.

Cute Girl Cow With Glasses And Bow In Hair

Princeton The Pig

Princeton always looks smart with his yellow hat and blue bow tie, whether he is going out to town or lazing around in the field.

Cute Boy Pig In Hat And Glasses

Sasha The Sheep

Sasha likes to look smart and sassy, so she always keeps her wool neat and tidy with her colourful yellow hair bow.

Cute Girl Sheep With Necklace And Glasses

Connor The Cat

With neat whiskers and a smart orange collar, Connor always looks slick and cool when he is out and about the farmyard.

Cute Boy Cat With Glasses And Star Tag

Daniella The Dog

Everybody thinks that Daniella has a heart of gold, so she always wears her golden yellow heart shaped dog tag wherever she goes.

Cute Girl Dog With Hair Bow And Glasses

Randall The Rabbit

Randall is never seen without his bright orange bow tie, as he really likes how it matches with his big floppy orange ears.

Cute Boy Bunny With Glasses And Bow Tie

I am currently designing some kid’s birthday cards and prints, featuring all these characters and more, so keep a look out for them! Please take a look at my current kid’s birthday cards and kid’s wall art to see lots of characters from my ‘When I Grow Up…‘ range.

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